How To Fix Water Damaged Phone – Easy Way

Hello friends today in this tutorial i will explained to you how to repair water damaged phone with easy ways. Many times android smart phones are accidentally dropped in water and than while you try to start it , your phone is not working . So here we will provided best method for repair any smart phone after dropped in water. Today smartphones are lifeblood for all of people because of without smartphones our life is stooping . As you know no one is perfect suppose if your smartphone fell into the water .Many users ask me Can a water damaged phone be repaired?So if your phone is damaged from water and want to repair it than read this article .

repair water damaged phone

Repair Water Damaged Smartphone

Smartphone is very sensitive and handy device in which single motherboard is a main hardware for all essentials other parts like as CPU , Ram and some other parts . While your phone is dropped in water , firstly water is enter in to charging port, headphone jack , microphone , speaker  and chances to damaged it. So firstly motherboard is not damaged , But if your phone’ motherboard is damaged than your phone is never starting and your phone is toy for children. If you want to repair it than you need to change motherboard of your phone which cost is same as original phone price.

Note : If your phone is stay long time in water than it will never repaired

1 – How To Fix Water Damaged Phone With Rice

fix water damaged phone

If your phone is damaged from water and want to repair it than Rice is helps to you some level.If your phone hardware is not damaged than using rice you can start your phone again.

Immediately take the phone out of the water.

Since it is handy device which as many minutes holes, when water enter through these pores and riches the hardware before that you have to take your phone out . If your phone stay longer in water than your phone hardware is more chances to damaged

After take out remove all of parts of your phone .

Once you takeout your phone from water , don’t start it. Firstly remove all of parts like as Battery, Sim card , SD Card etc and put on water absorption  clothes .

Now take a bowl of rice and immerse your damaged phone in rice . Stay your phone 24 hours in rice bowl for dry. After 5 hours change position of your phone in rice . Never try to start your phone before complete all process

After 24 hours your phone is fully dry and now take out your phone from it and put battery in your phone and try to start it. Many cases this method is working but in your case if this method is not work than try second method .

2 – How To Fix Water Damaged Phone With Rubbing Alcohol

how to fix water damaged phone

You can also repaired your damaged phone with Rubbing Alcohol . If rice method is not working than must use this method.

Take a Container Larger Than Phone

First take a container which is larger and deeper than the phone size. If possible take transparent container to observe the action. Clean container with dry cloth for remove moisture , dust etc.

Pour The Isopropyl Alcohol

Now you need to pour the isopropyl alcohol in the container. Submerge the phone inside the alcohol for around 20 to 30 minutes . The isopropyl alcohol removes the moisture and water content from your phone . Take out your phone from container and put battery in your phone. Turn on your phone .

So here we shared two easy method for repaired water damaged phone. If you try both method and your phone is not started than your phone hardware is damaged and you need to give it to mobile service center.

Do’s After  Phone Dropped In Water

  • Immediately take out your phone from water
  • Remove battery , sim card and Memory card
  • Try to wipe the phone with cotton and soft cloth

Don’ts After Phone Dropped In Water

  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t start your phone after taken your phone from water
  • Don’t use hair dryer to dry your phone
  • Don’t try to remove hardware of your phone


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