Top 3 Ways To Change Mac Address Of Android Phone (Mac Spoof)

Hello guys in this tutorial i will explained to you how to change Mac address of any android phone. In every electronics and wireless devices having Mac address but in all of devices Mac address is different. If you not about any idea about Mac address than first full form is Mac is Media Access Control . So in android smart phone you can easily change Mac address with some tricks. In other smart phones also having Mac address but its operating system in not granted to change Mac address. Here i will tell you how to change Mac Address of any android phone .

Change Mac Address Of Android

In all of android smart phone Mac address are provide inbuilt while its manufacturing . But if you want to change Mac address of your android phone and your phone is rooted than you will easily change because of lots of methods are available for rooted android users. But if your phone is non rooted and want to change Mac Address than it will challenge for you. Here i will share best and easy method for change Mac Address of your android phone. Using Mac Address your phone is easily identify  through internet. If you have rooted phone than see Top Rooted Module For Android Phone.

3 method for change mac address

Why You Should Change Mac Address Of Android Phone

There are many purposes for change Mac address of android phone . So it will depend on your matter , If you are used WiFi and share WiFi password with your friend. So definitely he is used your WiFi . Now you can block from access your wifi through Mac Address of your phone. So you can used for many purposes.

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1 How To Change Mac Address Using Chamelmac

Step 1 : First you need to download Chamelmac application from Play Store

Step 2  : After installation open this app and gives grant permission

Step 3 : Now you will see that Mac Address of your phone , So simply note in any page for restore in future

Step 4 : Simply click on Generate New Mac Address and it will generate random Mac address

change mac address of android

Step 5  : After it you can see that Apply New Mac option so click on it

Step 6  : Now confirm and click on Change , That’s it your phone Mac address is changed

android mac address change

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2 How To Change Mac Address Using Terminal Emulator

Download Busybox App for this method

Step 1 : First download and install Terminal Emulator in your phone

Step 2 : Now simply type below command one by one and gives enter


Step 3 : Using above command you need to gives root permission

busybox iplink show eth0

Step 4 : Above command is for show original Mac address of your phone

busybox ifconfig eth0 hw enter XX : XX : XX : XX : XX : XX

Step 5 : Above command is for change mac address of your phone

Step 6 : Now enter XX : XX : XX : XX : XX : XX Mac Address and confirm for change , enter below code

busybox iplink show eth0

3 How To Change Mac Address Using Engineering Mode

Note  : Method is only for MTK processor devices

Step 1 : Download and install Engineering Mode in your phone

Step 2 : Open it and go to connectivity tab and tap on Wifi option and select NVRAM

mac address change android

Step 3 : Now in Byte String access , enter below value

addr(h,byte) : 4

length(byte) : 6

Step 4 : Now it will shows you mac address of your android phone in value(h)

Step 5 : Now change mac address of your phone as your demand and click on Write button

You are done . your phone mac address is successfully changed.


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