How To Improve Performance Of Battery In Android Phone

Hello friends, if you want to increase battery life of your android phone than today i will explained to you how to increase and improve android phone battery. Normally in android smart phones battery backup is different for different phones because of it will depend on your phone battery capacity. If you have 3500 and 4000 mah battery than you will get good battery backup compare to other phones. Not only battery capacity is depend on battery life , Lots of other factors like as Phone screen size , Screen brightness , Internet data etc .So here we will gives some basic tips which is helps to increase performance of your android phone.

how to increase battery life in android phone

Android operating system is used huge battery compare to other operating system smart phones like as Windows and iPhone. In android phone while you open any app or game it will runs based on your phone Ram. So after using application we have remove all of app from Recent Page . But in android phone some application are also running after remove from recent page. So it will also drain your phone battery life. Most of people set 30 seconds or 1 Minute screen timeout but if you want to get good battery life than set it on only 15 seconds. So now we discussed this tutorial in details.

Set 15 Seconds Screen Timeout

In android phone always keep law screen timeout for long battery life . Simply open Phone Settings and go to Display section. Click on Screen Timeout and set as 15 seconds.

Phone Settings > Display > Screen Timeout > 15 Seconds

increase battery in android phone

Clear Recent Tab While Not Used Any App

In android phone most of battery used in recent tab because of some times you have not removed all application which is running on Background. So after using application remove from recent tab. Some users remove every time after using . So if you remove recent apps every time than while you open any app Ram is started so also battery is drain. So we suggested to you , Remove recent apps after while not using of phone.

Don’t Set Vibration On Ringtone Or Message

Vibration is also affected to your phone battery performance. So if you want to improve battery performance of your phone than always keep vibration off in Call ringtone , message , alarm etc all of.

Charging Tips

Most of people charged android phone while battery is arriving on 50 % or up . But if you want to get good performance of battery life than charged your phone after 30 % and if you have not any urgent than disconnect after full charge. So charging cycle is also very important for battery life.

Turn Off Auto Rotation  – GPS – Bluetooth

If you have not any used of GPS , Bluetooth and Auto ration than turn off it because of these factors are also used battery while phone is turn off.

Turn Off Live Wallpapers

Some users set different types of live wallpapers which is used lots of battery in running and off conditions. So set only wallpaper in lock screen and desktop. Some people thinking , This live wallpapers are provided by company , but it will also drain your phone battery . So turn off live wallpapers from home screen of your android phone.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

In android phone uninstall unnecessary apps which are not used in your phone. In most of android users having installed lots  of Apps which in 50 Percentage application not used . So if your phone having installed lots of applications than also it will affected to your phone battery life.

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