Top 5 Best PPD Websites For Earn Money Online 2016

Many people not know about that PPD Meaning . But don’t worry in this tutorial i explain to you what is a PPD and i also gives top 5 PPD websites for earn money online . PPD – pay per download . It’s meaning of when people download your files you got money so it’s called as pay per download.In PPD websites you can upload your content like as any document, app, game and when people download your file PPD sites gives to you money. So it is the best way for make and earn money online without any investment.

earn money online 2016

Today PPD websites are very popular in some countries. So in this tutorial i gives top level 5 PPD sites which can using you earn lots of money . If you search in google for PPD sites , Lots of PPD sites available but not all genuine sites , So not all PPD sites are Pay per download . Today ad-sense is best way for earn money through internet but if you using PPD sites in your blog than you can earn huge money via internet. Also see this How To Flash Custom Rom In Android Phone.

Top 5 PPD Websites For Earn Money Online 2016

1 : FileIce.Net

Fileice is a activist pay per download site utilizing the highest covering incentive surveys, offering you the best payout rates in order to leverage your content and make you money via internet.The fileice gives average money 1 $ per download , which is best offer for blogger and websites owner.The fileice gives different money , It’s depend on  your country.In fileice you make a new account and need to approve upload your file .So in fileice account must you need to Apprrove In Fileice Account.  After login you can upload your content in filice and than put this link in your blog and earn extra money with your blog.

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2 : Dollar Uploads

The dollar uploads in also best PPD websites , Get paid money for your downloads and installs using the best pay per download site and pay per install network.In this PPD site you need to upload your file and while people download your content dollar uploads gives to you money in dollar. You get paid money for any user who downloads your files . Dollar upload is provide 2500 different exclusive surveys for your visitors to complete. This PPD gives 1 dollar per one download. If you blog 1000 visitors in a day than you got 1000 dollar in one day . So now join to Dollar upload PPD .

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3 : Ascend Media

Ascend media is privately held and debt free company headquarter in Dallas, TX with staff located throughout the united states.For publisher ascend media is best option to earn money via online. Ascend media is CPA marketing solution dedicated to providing high quality leads to advertiser and great payout and service to affiliate. This network is gives to protection your blog and sites. So ascend media is best PPD in 2016 because of using this sites you can make lots of money depend your strategy. So visit and make a free account in ascend media.

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4 : User Cloud

In user cloud you can upload your multiple file at once and keep theme forever on this site. If you are using chrome and Firefox , you can simply drag and drop your files to begin uploading. User clod supply to you with all tools necessary to easily share your files, So using user colud pre generated html codes to link from your websites or post directly to Facebook or twitter. User cloud is a file hosting service that gives unlimited storage space for free to all users .If you have any website or blog than you must create account in user cloud and upload your file in user cloud , put link in your blog. So now visit this site and make new account.

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5 : Upload Cash

Upload cash is allows you to earn money with your website , blog, channel , page , applications etc. They provide high conservation solution to affiliate with download traffic.Send the files you want to share, you will  receive downloads link to start making money , You can also create folder to organize them and manage them.When you upload link of upload cash in your blog , you got money depend your site traffic. So upload cash is also best way to earn money online without any investment .Just make a account and earn your rewards.

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Final Word

So if you owner of website or blog and you need to earn extra money via internet than you must create account in above 5 PPD sites . This sites are genuine PPD site . If you any question or doubt than please type your word in below comment box, We will give reply to you. Thanks for visiting , stay tuned for more tips.




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