How To Stop Running Apps Using Greenify App

hello friends in this tutorial i explain to you how to stop or closed your android phone running apps with greenify app. In android phone while you closed recent apps from task bar the some running apps not closed and than your phone is working slow and your mobile battery is fast drain.So if you using grrenify in your android phone than you can easily closed any running apps from your phone. Today most of people using android smart phone and when your phone is working slow than you are not satisfied your phone like as Samsung galaxy smart phone .In this phone most of phone is working slow because of running apps is not closed in this phone.If you have block and remove ads from you tube than must read this How To Remove Ads From Youtube App


Android rotted phone is provided lots of customization options to you. Android system is not provided grenify app inbuilt in your phone because of this app is making by XDA Developer so before install this app you have see that your phone is working slow and battery is also fast drain.So first you have must using rooted phone . If you using non rooted phone than must visit this page How To Root Any Anddroid Phone In 2 Minutes  

What is greenify app actually? Greenify app created for stop app background process in android phone. Greenify app is generated for identify all miss- behaving apps in your phone and it will stops these types of apps and prevent your phone for slowing down.In ios devices also use this technique but in ios this apps feature given inbuilt so you not need any apps for prevent working slow down your phone.The greenify app is only working rooted android phone.So now we will discussed about requirements before use greenify app.

Requirements Before Use Greenify App

  • Working batter this app in rooted android phone so check above section for non rooted android users
  • Need up to android 4.1 version
  • Greenify donation apk- download this app from below link [Only rooted phone]

Advantage Of Greenify App

  • Maximum performance of android phone
  • Smoothly run your android device
  • Save battery life in your phone
  • Stop all running or backgrounds app just one click
  • Cleaning unwanted junk file

Download Greenify Pro Apk

Download Greenify Pro Apk

How To Use Greenify App In Your Non Rooted Android Phone

Step 1 : First make sure that you have installed greenify app in your phone

Step 2 : After installing greenfiy app in your phone just launch it and click on Greenify button

Greenify app

Step 3 : Now it will open App Analyzer screen in new window .In this section you have see that your background running apps which is drain your mobile battery

how to use greenify

Step 4 : Here by default it will not show you only few apps , just press menu button in your phone and select Show All option

uses of greenify app

Step 5 : Now simply tick one by one apps which is harm your device apps, games etc , click on Tick button from Top Right Menu

features of greenify app

Step 6 : After you see one message box ” Manual hibernation”  also check below screenshot

greenify apk free download

Step 7 : Now it will ask activate from accessibility , Just enable this greenify option

download free greenify pro


Step 8 : After enable greenify it will ask you Use Greenify  yes Or No? click on OK button

greenify pro version apk

Step 9 : Now long press and hold in home page and select widget option , Add greenify in your home page so it will automatically closed running apps just one click

How To Use Greenify App In Rooted Android Phone

Now this procedure is only rooted android phone .So just follow some easily steps for install and use greenify app in your rooted android phone.

Step 1 : First install xposed Framework from above link read advantage of xposed framework and install it, If you using lollipop and marshmallow version android phone than check XDA for installation guide

install greenify pro version

Step 2 : Now install greenify app in your rooted phone and activate from xposed

Step 3 :  For activate greenify app just launch xposed framework and go to Module section and Tick on greenify app

how to use xposed installer

Step 4 : Now restart your phone and you are done it.

Step 5 :  After this procedure greenify app is successfully installed in your phone


Final Word :  So this two method for install greenify app in rooted android phone and non rooted devices .If you any doubt related this tutorial than wright your comment in below comment box .I gives solution of your problem




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