Top 5 Antivirus For Android Phone

Virus is a contain some code which is delete your android operating system .So if you have make secured your android phone from virus than must read this tutorial.In this tutorial i gives top 5 android apps which is easily removed virus from your android phone.Some times if you search in your android mobile browser than some virus is arriving in your phone and your mobile data and system memory is corrupt. And if you have using antivirus in your android phone than these virus is not arriving in your phone.

android antivirus

You also using antivirus in your PC and laptop but security is also necessary your android phone because of virus is also entering in your mobile.Some time if you have received in mobile from other phone than also virus is enter in your mobile.So antivirus is easily removed virus from your android phone.

Antivirus For Android Phone

1 : McAfee

McAfee antivirus is protect your android device from virus .when any virus is arrived in your phone McAfee antivirus is automatically starting and automatic remove virus from your android phone.In McAfee antivirus also provide some other features like app privacy protection, find phone and virus protection from Intel system.

Download : ” McAfee Antivirus Apk

Features Of McAfee Antivirus

  • App protection :  Scan your mobile apps and check report your mobile protection
  • Multi user app profiles :  You control what apps other see in your device
  • Call blocker and sms filter : Easily block useless call and sms
  • App lock : Lock your some apps which you make secured from virus
  • Ad free in premium version
  • Media backup
  • Award winning support

2: Kaspersky Android Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus is provide high technology virus protection for your android smart phone.So now secure your mobile and tablet data files and remove virus from your mobile and tablet .Kaspersky antivirus is also gives one optimizer which is increase your mobile speed .

Download :  ” Kaspersky Antivirus

Features Of Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Remove virus and other threats form your phone and tablet
  • Block unwanted calls and Sms
  • Find your android phone if you lost your phone
  • Protect your personal data and set privacy for call and text messages
  • Scan your device for malware , spyware and Trojans

3 : Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is available in google play store for android mobile and tablet. When you search in your mobile browser than some times virus is arrived in your phone so if you already using avast antivirus than virus is remove automatically .So avast antivirus is a best antivirus for android phone and tablet.

Download : ” Avast Antivirus

Features Of Avast Antivirus

  • Make a secure your phone and tablet with avast antivirus
  • Protect against some apps, websites , Trojan and other unwanted files
  • Strong malware protection and huge feature sets
  • Available with up to 20 language in android
  • Remotely send text message from the mobile
  • Create your mobile videos , songs and other files back up and easy restore

4 : Norton Antivirus

Norton security and antivirus is a one of the best mobile antivirus which is easily removed virus from your android phone and tablet.Norton antivirus provided block unwanted and useless calls and SMS When some fake calls and messages is arriving in your phone and you received calls and read messages than virus is enter your phone .So download Norton antivirus and protect your phone and tablet from virus.

Download : ” Norton Antivirus

Features Of Norton Antivirus

  • Scan your device and remove virus easily in few minutes
  • Find a your lost mobile with map
  • Remotely lock your devices to prevent theft data
  • Automatic save your location when battery is low
  • Block unwanted calls and text SMS
  • Wipe all device information remotely protect your privacy

5 : AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is totally free and protect your phone from harm virus , Trojan  , Malware etc.AVG antivirus is top rated android antivirus which is available in google play store in free.AVG antivirus is gives protection your phone and tablet form virus .So just download AVG antivirus.

Download :  ” AVG Antivirus

Features Of AVG Antivirus

  • Scan your mobile and tablet and remove virus in 2 minutes
  • Block some unwanted calls and SMS
  • Make secure your apps and games
  • Set password lock in apps and games with AVG
  • Make a back up your video, songs and other items .And restore any time
  • Find your lost phone with map

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