How To Root Any Android Phone Without Use Computer

Today many people not known what is uses of rooted android phones.When you buy any android phone in this not some features which available in other smart phone.So you will see this features in your smart phone but how it possible ? If your phone is rooted than you are make a mobile developer and you can easily installed any features in your mobile.So how to root android phone in just minutes? Android phone is root with two parts first using application and other is using with computer/pc.In this you can easily root your android phone with application in 2 minutes.Some apps which make your phone is rooted like kingoroot, frame work, Universal android root, towel root.

how to root any android phone


Kingoroot is best apk for root any android smart phone without using computer/pc.Kingoroot is excellent apk for rooting your devices in some minutes without using computer .In kingoroot some easily steps follows and root your android phone in 2 minutes.

root any android phone

Follow This Steps With Kingoroot

Step 1 : First download kingoroot for root your android phone .Click Here”Kingoroot Apk

Step 2 : Installed kingoroot apk and open

Step 3 : Press on click root and wait just minute than restart your phone.

2:Frame Root

If you want root your android phone without using computer than frame root is best apk for root your android phone.In frame root given easily some steps for root your phone.

root any phone without computer

Follow This Steps With Frame root

Step 1 : First download frame root apk in your phone.Click Here”Frame Root

Step 2: Now activate unknown source menu from your mobile setting and installed frameroot

Step 3: After installing frame root open it

Step 4 : Now select “Install superuser” in frame root apk

Step 5: Now choose any expolt path and click ok

Step 6: After that you will see that one message box which say that successfully root notification and reboot your device

3 : Universal Android Root

Universal android root is also root your android phone without using pc .Universal android root is easy to root your android devices .In this some steps follows and get rooted phone with 2 minutes.

root any phone

Follow This Steps With Universal Android Root

Step 1 : First download universal android root apk.Click Here “Universal Android Root

Step 2: Now follow above “step 2” step and installed universal android root

Step 3: After installing open this apk and click on the root button.

Step 4 : Finally you have successfully root your android phone in 2 minute

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Z4 root is most popularly apk for root android smart phones.Many devices like Samsung, Sony, htc, maicromax and some other android devices are easily root with this apk.In this app also not using computer/pc.Z4 root is make a your smart phone root in 1 follow some steps.

how to root android phone without computer or pc

Follow This Steps With Z4 Root

Step 1 : First download Z4 root apk .Click Here” Z4 Root

Step 2 : Now follow above “Step 2 ” and installed it.

Step 3:After successfully installed Z4 root ,Reboot your device.




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