Top 3 Android Games In 2016

 1 : Doodle Army 2 -Mini Militia

mini militia



In 2016 Mini militia is a most favorite game of young people because in this game you are playing online and offline mode with 12 players.Mini militia is given multiplayer feature which in people played easily , In this mode not used your mobile data.In this game you are playing survival with training mode and you are make perfect player using practice.

Features:Online multiplayer,quick play,custom room, offline multiplayer via W Fi hot spot and Bluetooth, using dual gun and rifle,change various map ,power boost and health map.

Weapon: AK 47 , desert eagle, M4, M14, shotgun, M93BA,Uzi, Magnum, S maw, phasor,machete, hand grenade, poison bomb and time bomb.


Store :(boost region, health, golden eagle, increase accuracy, melee +10, handgun clip,laser sight,gas grenade,mask pack)

Avatar : Change your name,change your cloths,your awards,customize ,for pro pack add different mask pack ,helmet etc.

Configure: On Off music,game sound,blood, hi res gfx, 2x view enable or disable,recording.

Controls: Invert your control,placement, swap, change movement.

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2: Clash Of Clan

clash of clans



Clash of clan is published by super-cell in October 2013 for android mobile and august 2012 for ios phone.Clash of clan is online game.In this game you are make a village and their give protection your village.Make a gold and elixir through gold mine and elixir collector.Gold is used to place defense like (mortar,x bow, ….etc)and elixir is used to make a new troops.which are protect your village.After making troops attack another village and make big loot gold,elixir.And than all troops and another items are upgrade and than town hall is upgrade.After town hall is making 7 than you can put also dark storage, dark elixir drill and some spells.You can also putting barbarian king in town hall 7.There are number of buildings available defend to another players like mortar,cannon,x bow,tesla,archer tower,wizard can also make a different level wall for your defense.

Clan War

Clan war is a join to some players in one clan and donating troops and some advising.The leader and co leader is the major of clan castle and they are start a war search.After 1 minute another clan is screen appear and than war is starting.Each clan war in one day preparation day and one day is war day.When players are attacking in opposite clan you are earning gold and elixir and get a star for your clan.After war is end result is arrived and much star earning clan is winning and if two clan is same star earning than calculation destruction of war base.

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3:Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga



Candy crush is puzzle game where you will connect different colored candies chain and than together some candies are disappear and you will earn some points and level up.In candy crush hundred different levels are available .Candy crush game is easily but this game you have solved to puzzle so your mind is also competitive and solved it.Candy crush saga offers different game modes.In this you will have to full-fill a series of objective in order to move along.Jelly,ingredients and candy order mode also provide a hearty serving of good fun and times.


Jelly, candy and other fruits ingredients.

Spin the daily booster wheel and earn surprize

connect Facebook and give challenge your friends

leader boards to watch your friends and competitors

hundreds of the different levels and all upgrade some level increased.

Tasty candies,color bombs and various other magical boosters to help for level up.

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