Xposed Framework For Rooted Android Smartphones

What Is Exposed Framework And How to Use It???


Today you are make changing in our smartphone and make improved it.so Xposed Framework is one of this category root apps for android smartphone/devices.In this you are installing mod/apps/tweak and change android devices improvement without installing any other rom like as cyanogen mod rom .Through using xposed framework you are increase performance of smart phones.


In xposed installer we are installed rooted applications  which improved your smart phone.In this one down loader is giving which like is same of play store down loader but in this you only downloaded rooted applications only not other simple applications.So you can downloaded apk file and installing


ક્ષ્posed installer

  • Now Installing it and open xposed installer apk.
  • Now go to framework section and select install/update.
  • Now finally you need to reboot your device and its done.




When you are open xposed framework you see that xposed module which is downloading from xposed down loader.In this many rooted modules are available .

  • Open exposed installer and go to download section in the application.
  • Now read full description of module which you can downloading .It is most important part because some module is not working all devices.
  • Now if your device is support module than you can started downloading.
  • After downloading module installing same of normal apk installing.
  • After installing module it is not activated automatically.
  • So open module section and than select your module which you downloading.
  • Now go to framework section and select install /update and than your device is reboot itself.
  • Finally your module is activated.


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