How To Download Youtube Video Without Used Any Downloader

YouTube is the best watching and downloading videos,music and some other.Everyday people watch hundred of millions of hours on YouTube and create billions of views.In YouTube uploaded company individually and people like videos,music,news,tv serials and related to sports.In YouTube available videos are hd and full hd format also.


In you tube you are easily watching videos and listen to songs but when you have download your favorite video and music than you have need to help some external tools which is a video downloader .so how to download you tube videos without used any external downloader/tools.

youtube video downloader

How To Download YouTube Video Without Used Any External Tools?

                                                 METHOD 1

  • Open your browser setting and go to “Network”.For Mozilla Firefox browser used to “Ctrl+Shift+Q”.
  • Now just open “Media” in the “Network Tool”.You will see HTTP format which make to media files to audio and video files.
  • Now open your favorite video which you have to download .
  • Now you will see that download option which format audio and video.
  •   Now if you have download audio format than selected “Audio/Mp4”
  • If you have download video format than selected “Video/Mp4”.
  • Now you will see that “”copy URL of the video and open this video in browser.
  • Now finally your downloading is starting easily.


                                              METHOD 2

  • First open your favorite video which you have downloaded .
  • Now you will see that “…..
  • Now you will see that “Record Mp4/Mp3″option.
  • Now select your video which like you format mp4/mp3/ ok.
  • your downloading is starting quickly and enjoyed it.

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